Life Overflowing

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A Meaningful Life

      Imagine a world without the wind, without leaves or clouds. Can you imagine such a place? It is difficult to take such a proposition seriously because the concept escapes our experience. We take things as commonplace as a sunset and forget that it is entirely possible that it may not have existed at all. What if we were created not to appreciate a flower? Even though we are created with the capacity to see and love beauty, do we take the effort or time to experience any of it? If I never walk through a forest it might as well not exist. Friends sit with their heads bowed toward their phones, unaware of the immense opportunities and joy that could be theirs if they just spoke to another.

October 11th I was in the kitchen frying 2 lbs. of bacon and I missed the best part of the evening. As I turned to wash the pan my eye saw the suns’ rays outside the window. I caught a glance brief enough to ignite my appreciation. So I put my pan down and went outside into the evening. The setting sun in the westward mountains cast light under the clouds, illuminating the atmosphere like a chandelier. The sky was on fire. The west was gold and yellow, the east was pink and red, and between them were deep blue stripes. I let social propriety fly to the wind and ran through the field like I was nine years old. Each blade of grass was distinguishable in its own right–a torch in the twilight. I would have missed it all for bacon. Yes, this was better than bacon.

The cares and pleasures of the world weigh heavily and it is easy to forget that even life itself—apart from the particulars of civilization and culture—is full of meaning. It is time to stop and take stock of life and see that it is full. It overflows. Consider the lilies of the field, the birds of the air. Our world is full of useless things that distract from truth and things that are actually important, like our loved ones, our health, and a sunset.


2 thoughts on “Life Overflowing

  1. I love this. Reading it was like understanding what’s been pouring out of my soul – it perfectly describes the wonder and delight I always feel in the fall. Thanks for an excellent post and excellent reminder!


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